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The Bakuchiol Purple Serum

TitleA lightweight active serum
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 1% Bakuchiol serum with potent actives improve firmness, hydration, and skin imperfections by reducing the appearance of blemishes, pores & fine lines. 

3% Peptide Solution (Argireline™) to firm & improve skin elasticity whilst maintaining hydration, leaving a smoother appearance. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles by relaxing muscle contraction. 

0.5% Prebiotic to improve your natural skin’s barrier. This serum soothes and stimulates the skin’s regeneration process overnight. 

  • Firms & smooths the skin 
  • Improves skin elasticity & natural barrier 
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines & pores 
  • Reduces the appearance of blemishes 
  • Soothes the skin 

The eyeliner with the finest and most precise tip is here! We have created the perfect eyeliner for you because of its formula and applicator.

The formula! Vegan and with an intense matte finish, it lasts 24 hours, so your eye make-up stays perfect all day long. It stays perfectly intact even if you apply it over cream eyeshadows, and once it dries, it doesn't transfer the colour!

30ml e 1.01fl oz

Why do we love it?

All type skins

Sensitive skin


Cruelty Free

Made in Europe

User guide

Step 1
Use 3-4 drops (1 drop for each area of the face) after evening cleansing. 
Apply to dry skin after cleansing.

Step 2
Use fingertips to work the serum into the skin, spreading it outwards.

Step 3

Then apply The Sorbet Face Cream.  

Pro Tip
Our dropper is designed to allow you to use the right amount of serum without wasting a drop. 1 full pipette will cover your entire face, neck and décolleté.

Main ingredients

Hydrates skin, treat spots, acne and imperfections, reduces fine lines/wrinkles, reduce oiliness and regulates sebum and reduce hyperpigmentation

Strengths the skin barrier

Reduces fine lines/wrinkles

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  • What is bakuchiol used for? 

Bakuchiol is a natural ingredient, which comes from the babchi plant and helps to improve the appearance of the skin. It reduces hyperpigmentation, reduces expression marks, makes the skin juicier and more luminous, as well as more elastic and firmer. It is also rich in antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. 

  • Should I take the same precautions with it as with retinol?

    No, unlike retinol, bakuchiol can be used by all skin types, even the most sensitive and at any time of the day, as it does not react to UVA/UVB rays and does not leave marks on the skin.
  • Is retinol or bakuchiol more effective?

Different studies have shown that the benefits on the skin are the same if used in the same percentage, time, etc... but bakuchiol, apart from being vegan, is better tolerated in skins where retinol usually causes a reaction.

  • Which is the main difference between retinol and bakuchiol?

It is common to read references to retinol penetrating into the inner layers of the skin, while bakuchiol stays on the surface layers and has less effect on the skin. However, this is not true: the penetration is the same, the main difference being the high tolerance of bakuchiol on sensitive skin, its vegan origin and that no adaptation period is needed on the skin as in the case of retinol.

  • In what order should I include The Bakuchiol Purple Serum in my skincare routine?

Any serum is applied after cleansing and toning the skin and before moisturiser.

  • What does 1% Bakuchiol and 3% peptides mean?

Each active ingredient in a cosmetic formula has a percentage of effectiveness, which must not be exceeded in order not to provoke skin reactions. The recommended percentage of bakuchiol is between 0.5% and 1%. As it is not an aggressive active ingredient, we have decided to use the maximum percentage in our formula for a greater effect. In the case of the peptide solution, we use Argireline, a patented ingredient that has a tightening effect, increasing collagen production and reducing expression marks.

  • Can I use The Vit C and The Bakuchiol Purple Serum in the same routine?

Bakuchiol can be used with any other active ingredient, but we recommend using The Vit C during the day for its glowing and radiant effect on the skin and The Bakuchiol Purple Serum at night for its anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Are there any ingredients I should not mix The Bakuchiol Purple Serum with?

No, there is no contraindication to mixing ingredients with bakuchiol.

  • Can I use bakuchiol on sensitive skin?

Definitely, yes.

  • Is it recommended for acne-prone skin?

Yes, it does not make the skin greasy, yet it increases its radiance and is suitable for acne-prone skin, which will even see an improvement in the appearance of the skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.

  • And for blemished skin?

Bakuchiol improves skin hyperpigmentation. Yes, it is suitable for blemished skin.

  • Can I use bakuchiol if I'm pregnant?

Usually there is no problem, but to be on the safe side, it is always best to check with your dermatologist.

  • How is bakuchiol applied directly to the skin or first applied to the hand?

It can be applied directly to the skin, without the pipette touching the skin, or a few drops can be applied to the hand and then spread on the skin.

  • From what age is it recommended?

There is no specific time, but approximately when the first expression marks start to show.

  • Does it need to be applied gradually like retinol, or does it not need an adaptation period?

No adaptation period is required.

  • From what day does it start to take effect and do I begin to see results?

The effects start to become visible after 28 days, which is the period necessary to complete cell regeneration.

  • Do I have to use it every day?

Yes, as with any cosmetic product, consistency is essential, so we recommend daily use for maximum effectiveness.

The Bakuchiol Purple Serum




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